Site News October 2015

I’ve released a new tool, an Enhanced FDA Calendar.  It shows all PDUFA dates, clinical trial primary completion dates, and working capital runways for companies facing upcoming PDUFA dates in a single, convenient timeline.  It’s available on the FDA Calendar page for all FDA Tracker members.  The standard FDA Calendar remains freely available to all.

I’ve also upgraded the Trial Tracker tool to show PDUFA dates and working capital runways in the trial timeline.

Hopefully, both of these changes will eliminate the biggest source of friction when screening companies with the FDA Calendar or Trial Tracker.  After finding companies of interest, it was tedious to manually enter each symbol into Omniview to see all upcoming catalysts.  Now, each tool includes a holistic view of the data we collect.

Finally, I upgraded the PDUFA calendar program to capture a few dates that I was missing.  It should have even better coverage than before.