The Most Comprehensive FDA PDUFA Date Calendar

Compiling PDUFA dates is hard.  They must be gathered from a variety of sources because no central authority exists.  Thus far, I’ve populated my FDA Calendar using a program I wrote to parse SEC filings for PDUFA dates.  SEC filings are a great source of information, but they only capture about 75% of dates important to traders.  I supplemented my program’s coverage by manually adding PDUFA dates to the calendar, but I’ve always wanted a better automated solution.

I primarily code in R, Perl, and Java.  Recently, I decided to teach myself Python.  As part of the learning process, I challenged myself to write a Python script that parses press releases for PDUFA dates. 

With this new program, I believe my FDA Calendar now covers 95% of all actionable PDUFA dates for companies traded on US stock exchanges. I am confident in saying this is the most comprehensive publicly available FDA PDUFA date calendar.  Not only is my calendar the most comprehensive, it is also the most up-to-date because it automatically updates every morning with the previous day’s press releases and SEC filings.  Every entry contains a source link for independent verification.

Fresh.  Timely.  Comprehensive.  I hope you will agree with me that my FDA calendar is the best available source for PDUFA dates.

If you use my calendar, I encourage you to try my other products.  I personally use all of them (“dog fooding” in tech parlance), so the same effort and attention that goes into developing and maintaining the calendar goes into all of my tools.