Announcing Omniview (and an Improved Burn Rate Tool)

Trial Tracker, Burn Rate, and the FDA Calendar are useful tools for screening the universe of healthcare stocks for investment ideas.  However, their data are segregated and they lack the ability to search for an individual company. Therefore, I created Omniview to address this gap and reduce friction in the research workflow. Omniview provides a unified timeline of all working capital runway, PDUFA drug approval, and clinical trial events, searchable by company, time horizon, and trial phase. It breaks down the walls between our working capital, PDUFA date, and clinical trials databases to present a holistic view of all events that are important to a biotech company.

I also recently upgraded Burn Rate from a simple table to a fully interactive tool.  Companies can be screened by market cap and working capital runway length.  There’s a new “Milestone” tab that plots predicted working capital runways against known clinical trial and PDUFA date events, similar to the Omniview tool.  This timeline view helps answer the question: will a company need to raise capital before they reach their next milestone?  The relative timing of events is crucial because a company will be desperate to raise money if they are projected to run out of cash before they complete their clinical trial, but they will be in a strong position to raise money following positive trial results.

Omniview and the improved Burn Rate tool solved two major pain points in my own research workflow. I hope they will help you as well.